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NHS Digital Staff Passport guidance is moving. This site is no longer being updated and will be closed on 30 June 2024.

For the latest news and guidance, please go to digital.nhs.uk/services/digital-staff-passport

Digital identity

What is digital identity?

Digital identity checks are the new government-approved method to digitally verify the identity of a person.

For example, when you need to provide proof of identity, you can use your digital identity instead of meeting an interviewer in person, to check and copy your original (physical) identification documents.

Your certified digital identity allows you to prove who you are online for work and personal use.

Only IDSPs certified with the UK government’s digital identity and attributes trust framework can be used to complete digital identity verification.

Read more about certified digital IDentity Service Providers (IDSPs).

Who are the approved providers?

The NHS Digital Staff Passport is currently working with the following IDSPs.

How can I download the app?

Visit the relevant app store for your smart phone:

Follow the onscreen instructions to complete your app set-up.