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Digital passports

What is a digital passport?

A digital passport is a mobile app enabling the storage and sharing of information in the form of a verifiable credential.

It is a key part of the NHS Digital Staff Passport service, ensuring only verified information is accepted.

What is a credential?

A digital record of an achievement, quality or aspect of a person’s background.

For the NHS Digital Staff Passport, your credentials may include the following information:

  • Personal details
  • Pre-employment checks
  • Core skills
  • Occupational health

Credentials are issued from and verified by the NHS trust you work for, with your approval of the information.

The digital method makes it safer and simpler to share information when you move between NHS trusts.

How secure is a digital passport?

Digital passports use authentication and data encryption software to protect your information.

The NHS Digital Staff Passport service has approved the use of the following digital passport:

How can I contribute to protecting my own data?

When setting up your digital passport, you should still take extra safety measures to keep your information safe by using a password, PIN or biometric log-in, to ensure the security of your information.