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Lead Employer trusts

Lead Employer arrangements were implemented to improve the working experience for Postgraduate Doctors and Dentists in Training.

What do Lead Employers do?

The primary function of a Lead Employer arrangement is to provide a single employer to trainees for the whole of their training programme, i.e. an NHS trust.

They aim to ensure that trainees complete their training satisfactorily, have a positive experience and, in doing so, provide an excellent service to the NHS and its patients.

A Lead Employer holds the contract of employment and delivers the payroll function for a postgraduate doctor or dentist for the duration of their training. The trainee may be working on placement at a different organisation, but the contract of employment and payroll remains with the Lead Employer.

Who is involved?

The Lead Employer Model is designed to be a collaborative operating model, with the responsibilities of the traditional employer shared between three major stakeholders:

  1. The Lead Employer carries overall responsibility for employment matters such as contracts of employment, employment checks, pay, restrictions and exclusions, and disciplinary matters. The Lead Employer itself offers a single point of contact, co-ordinating with all stakeholders including third party agencies like the police and safeguarding
  2. The Host NHS organisation provides day-to-day management and supervision of training by clinical and educational supervisors while the trainee is based in this location
  3. Health Education England (HEE), now part of NHS England, is responsible for the supervision and progress of training. HEE, now NHS England, ensures consistency in the handling and resolution of concerns relating to capability and health matters

Further information

For more information about Lead Employer trusts, including benefits, case for change and key messages, visit the HEE website, now part of NHS England.