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Hands-on product testing by NHS trust teams

Date: 03 July 2023

In June 2023, specialist teams from four NHS trusts joined the NHS DSP team in Birmingham, for hands-on testing of the product.

The four trusts were early adopters of the service, signing up over 18 months ago to support the development of the NHS DSP product and service.

  • George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust
  • Coventry and Warwickshire University Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Based on their engagement, capacity and workforce priorities, the four trusts are now lined up for the first Wave of implementation.

Which teams were invited to take part?

Involving the users of the NHS DSP service has been a vital part of the development process.

The NHS DSP team has sought feedback from the following national and trust level teams throughout the project stages:

  • Recruitment 
  • Occupational Health
  • Education and training
  • Medical Education
  • Temporary Movers
  • Postgraduate Doctors in Training

What did the testing involve?

To date, the trust teams have provided feedback on diagram prototypes of the NHS DSP product via virtual meetings.

These discussions have tested the theory of the product processes and permitted quick improvements to be made.

The hands-on testing enabled the trust teams to test the physical product on a range of devices, with more of a focus on how easy the NHS DSP is to use.

What was the testing outcome?

Three days of testing produced over 300 items of feedback!

Feedback was split over 11 categories, with further refinement by the NHS DSP team, to add prioritisation.

Six technical items were identified, with 4 investigated and resolved on-site, 2 not replicable and 1 added to the development list.

Amongst our favourite quotes from the testers...

  • “I can see how brilliant the NHS DSP will be when up and running”
  • “I don’t think I will have any problems navigating this system – it’s really easy and straightforward”
  • “Love it! I can see how it’s going to make our (working) lives so much easier”

Development progress

The testing week was deemed successful and permitted the NHS DSP development team to progress to the next phase of work.

  • Summary:

    In June 2023, four NHS trusts joined the NHS DSP team in Birmingham, for hands-on testing of the product.