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NHS DSP website launch

Date: 12 October 2023

With the C-19 DSP service decommissioned in September 2023, the support website has been repurposed to reflect NHS DSP content.

Clear communications

The NHS DSP team are committed to delivering clear and concise information about the overall Digital Staff Passport project and the NHS DSP service itself.

The NHS DSP service will introduce digital passporting and use of credentials to many NHS employee for the first time.

Key audiences

The website is primarily designed to inform:

  1. NHS trusts
  2. NHS employees

For example, unregistered trusts and employees can read more about registration.

Registered trusts and employees are offered support to use the NHS DSP service.


Regional and ICB Workforce Leads will work closely with the NHS trusts in their region and systems, to ensure implementation of the NHS DSP is co-ordinated.

The website will be the primary source of information for initial discussions regarding intent to use the service.

Read more about the system approach to implementation of the NHS DSP service.


The NHS DSP website will be updated in response to feedback from its visitors.

Have an improvement suggestion?

Contact the NHS DSP team: england.digitalstaffpassport@nhs.net

  • Summary:

    The COVID-19 DSP site has been rebranded and updated with the latest NHS DSP development information.