NHS Staff completing a temporary move

Using the COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport (C-19 DSP), you can hold your own verified staff record (provided by your current employer). It consists of:

  • your digital identity
  • key information about your current job role
  • your employment checks

The record will be held in a 'credential' on your smartphone. The credential in your passport is like a card in your wallet.

You retain control of your record. Using an app on your smartphone, you will be able to:

  • Review – see all the information your employer has provided about you
  • Accept – accept this information on to your smartphone, once you are happy with it
  • Reject - reject the information, if you are not happy with it, then report anything you feel is incorrect to the Issuer, who can update and resend it for your review
  • Send – share the information you have accepted with another NHS employer

When should the C-19 DSP be used and when not?

  • Use of the passport is voluntary for both NHS employers and NHS staff
  • To enable staff movements to support the COVID-19 response and/or the recovery of services
  • For temporary voluntary deployments - it is not to be used for permanent redeployments

Where is the C-19 DSP used?

8 steps to prepare for your C-19 DSP


    Check your NHS Organisation (current employer) is on the registered organisations page


    Contact your NHS Organisation (current employer) via the registered organisations page to request a virtual C-19 DSP appointment, to be issued with a credential


    Download the Connect.Me app from the appropriate app store for your smartphone

    logo: Download on the App Storelogo: Get it on Google Play


    Prepare a photo of yourself, to supply to your NHS Organisation (current employer) when requested


    Attend a virtual C-19 DSP appointment with your NHS Organisation (current employer)


    Contact the host NHS Organisation (temporary employer) via the registered organisations page to request a C-19 DSP appointment, to have your credential verified


    Attend a virtual C-19 DSP appointment with the host NHS Organisation (temporary employer)


    Arrive at the host NHS Organisation (temporary employer) to complete local orientation and start working