NHS Staff completing a temporary move

Using the COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport (C-19 DSP), you can hold your own verified staff record (provided by your current employer). It consists of:

  • your digital identity
  • key information about your current job role
  • your employment checks

The record will be held in a 'credential' in your digital staff passport app on your smartphone. Please check the minimum smartphone spec required.

The credential in your passport is like a card in your wallet.

You retain control of your record. Using an app on your smartphone, you will be able to:

  • Review – see all the information your employer has provided about you
  • Accept – accept this information on to your smartphone, once you are happy with it
  • Reject - reject the information, if you are not happy with it, then report anything you feel is incorrect to the Issuer, who can update and resend it for your review
  • Send – share the information you have accepted with another NHS employer

Please note: Connect.Me is a universal app, subject to regular updates and new versions. The C-19 DSP uses the Connections and Credentials pages. Other features are not part of the C-19 DSP pathway.

When should the C-19 DSP be used and when not?

  • Use of the passport is voluntary for both NHS employers and NHS staff
  • To enable staff movements to support the COVID-19 response and/or the recovery of services
  • For temporary voluntary deployments - it is not to be used for permanent redeployments

Case studies

See real life case studies of how the COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport has been used during the pandemic.


8 steps to prepare for your C-19 DSP


    Check your NHS Organisation (current employer) is registered to use the C-19 DSP. If not, please ask your Recruitment team about their existing process to temporarily move staff.


    Contact your NHS Organisation (current employer) via the registered organisations page to request a virtual C-19 DSP appointment, to be issued with a credential.


    To install your digital staff passport, download the Connect.Me app from the appropriate app store for your smartphone (not a tablet device). Please check the minimum smartphone spec required. Supply your mobile number to your NHS Organisation (current employer) when requested.

    logo: Download on the App Storelogo: Get it on Google Play


    Prepare a suitable photo of yourself (less than 500kb), plus have your Employee Number (ESR) and Smartcard Number (if held) to hand. Supply to your NHS Organisation (current employer) when requested.


    Attend the scheduled virtual C-19 DSP appointment with your NHS Organisation (current employer).


    When your credential has been issued, contact the host NHS Organisation (temporary employer) via the registered organisations page to request a virtual C-19 DSP appointment, to have your credential verified.


    Attend the scheduled C-19 DSP appointment with the host NHS Organisation (temporary employer).


    When verified, you can start working at the host NHS Organisation (temporary employer), following completion of your local induction.