Issuing COVID-19 Digital Staff Passports to Your staff

This guide details the high-level processes and steps to issue a COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport. For more detailed guidance and troubleshooting, please refer to the Issuing COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport Standard Operating Procedure. Users of ESR may find our Finding information in ESR Guide helpful to locate the information needed for COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport credentials.

Staff who are eligible to and have agreed to be passported to other NHS organisations will need to make an appointment (either face-to-face or via video link) with the relevant HR team in line with your local processes.

In advance of the appointment it is advisable for them to install the Connect.Me app ready, so that they can accept connections straight away from the hospital without any delays. Remember to also email a suitable photograph of yourself that you want uploaded onto your passport.

How to Log on to the COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport Portal

The HR Director at your Organisation will have assigned up to four members of staff access when they registered your organisation.

  1. Log on

    1. If you have been nominated to be an issuer by your HR Director, then the link will have been sent to you via email. When clicking on your organisation’s Digital Staff Passport Portal, it will take you to an email login screen:

      • If you have an NHSmail email address, you will go to the NHSmail login page to enter your NHS Mail password:
      • If you do not have an NHSmail email address, use the password that was emailed to you along with instructions:
  2. Two-Factor Authentication

    1. The first time you log on you will need to provide a phone number to secure your account. You can either secure your account via text message (Send Code) for mobile phones or a phone call (Call Me) for landlines or mobile phones.

      Where you use the text option, you will be asked to provide a code which will be sent to the number you provided when you first logged in.

    2. Enter the verification code in the field as shown below and press Enter:
    3. You will now be presented with the COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport homepage.

Issuing a COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport credential

  1. Adding a Contact Card

    1. Sign into the COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport Portal select Manage Contacts

    2. Add a Contact Card via the Plus Icon in the top right-hand side

    3. Complete the Contact Details. Note: All fields are mandatory:
      • Preferred Name: Type in staff member’s preferred name
      • Last Name: Type in staff member’s last name
      • Mobile: Type in staff member’s mobile number
      • Email: Type in staff member’s work email address
      • Employee ID: Type in a unique identifier for this staff member. (This should be their ESR number. However, an organisation can opt to use a different unique ID but must use the same unique identifier for all staff e.g. smartcard number.)
    4. Click Generate
    5. Confirm the details:
    6. Ask the member of staff to use the app on their phone to scan the QR Code to make a secure connection.
    7. The employee will receive a notification on their smartphone that says, ‘XX Organisation wants to Connect with you” and an option to Deny or Connect. They should select Connect to make a connection with the organisation and enter their passcode or biometrics to confirm.
    8. New contact has been created. Click Exit:
  2. Adding a Photo

    A profile photo needs to be added prior to issuing a credential. This will ensure any receiving Host Organisations can see the photo and have assurance they are requesting proof for the correct person.

    1. Click on the square ‘Upload Photo
    2. Choose File. From your computer select an image (It needs to be a JPEG image of less than 500KB, and ideally in portrait mode) and click Open:
    3. The contact’s photo will be displayed. Click Upload.
    4. Photo uploaded into Contact Card:
  3. Completing and Issuing a Credential

    Before issuing a credential open up ESR (or equivalent place where employee’s information is held). Once you have located the member of staff’s record in ESR which contains the latest updated information about this member of staff, you can then proceed to issue a credential. Please use the Finding Information in ESR User Guide in conjunction with the steps below which details where all the ESR fields are that need to be inserted in the credential to be issued.

    1. Click Issue Credential button
    2. The Credential Form opens:
    3. Complete the Attributes – All fields are mandatory.

      If you forget to complete a field the application will prompt you to complete it when you click Issue Credential.

      Note: If a field cannot be completed as this information is not available, type or select from the available dropdowns either "Not Available" or "Not Applicable" in full.

      Either select from the dropdowns available or copy and paste the information from each field from ESR. The types of information request are the standard employer’s information that can be found in ESR, this includes:

      • Personal Details
      • DBS
      • Right to Work
      • Professional Registration
      • Occupational Health Status
      • Employment Details
    4. To complete all the credential details, scroll down to the bottom of the form:
    5. Click Preview once the form has been completed.
    6. Preview the form. If something does need to be amended, you can click Back edit those fields before Issuing the credential:
    7. Click Issue when the credential is ready to be sent
    8. The member of staff will receive a notification on their smartphone informing them that a new credential has been offered. Advise them to tap Tap to Open:
    9. Once they have reviewed it, ask them to tap Accept:
    10. There will be a green tick in the Status field of the Contact Card to demonstrate that the credential has been accepted: