Moving between organisations using a COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport

I am an employee who is moving between organisations and needs a Covid-19 Digital Passport credential.

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  1. Get the App

    1. The Digital Staff Passport is on a Digital Identity app called Connect.Me. Install the Connect.Me App connect me icon via Google Play or the Apple App Store (your mobile phone needs to be on either iOS or Android).

      logo: Download on the App Storelogo: Get it on Google Play

      Note: It is recommended that you back up your COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport so that you do not lose any data if you lose or change phones. You can either back up your phone to your own device or cloud, or you can choose to back up to Evernym’s Cloud. Please follow the backup steps when installing the app.

    2. Read through and Accept the Terms and Conditions:
    3. Tap Start Fresh as this is the first time you have installed the app:
    4. Set up your Biometrics or choose a Passcode:
    5. The app is now ready to be issued with a Digital Staff Passport credential:
  2. Book an appointment with HR

    Contact your current HR Department to arrange an appointment to be issued a verified credential. It is important that you follow any local processes, e.g. informing your manager.

    The appointments can happen either face-to-face or via video call depending on what has been agreed at your organisation. You will need to email a recent photo prior to the appointment and be ready with valid proof of identity, as requested, at the appointment.

    If you visit the HR department onsite then you will just need your smartphone and your proof of identity.  If your appointment is via a video call then you will need to make that video connection on a device other than your smartphone that you want the digital staff passport loaded onto.

  3. Make a secure digital connection

    1. The person responsible for issuing credentials will confirm some personal details with you (first name, surname, email address, mobile phone number).
    2. You will then be asked to ‘Make a Connection” between your smartphone and your current employer.  This is done via the app on your phone reading a QR code that will be displayed on the screen of the person issuing:
    3. You will receive a notification on your phone to Connect with your Organisation:
    4. You may also be asked if you would like to accept notifications from the app. If you are happy to accept notifications, click Accept, and enter your passcode or biometrics.
    5. Once the HR team member has uploaded the verified information (which will take a few minutes), you will receive a notification that your organisation has sent you a new message. Tap to Open the message:
    6. You will see the COVID-19 Employing Organisation Credential details. Scroll down on the screen to check that all the information is correct:
    7. If you are happy with the credential being issued tap Accept. If you are not happy to receive this credential, tap Ignore and explain which information is incorrect so that it can be corrected.

      Once you have Accepted the COVID-19 Employing Organisation credential it is now ready to be shown at other organisations to verify your key employment information.

  4. Using your COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport

    An organisation can request to see proof of your employment as evidenced in your credential. To do this you will make an appointment with the HR team in your new NHS organisation, make a connection, just as you did previously.

    1. Open the Digital Staff Passport app and scan the QR Code using the scan button:
    2. You will get a notification on your phone that the Host Organisation wants to connect with you. Connect with them and enter biometrics or passcode:
    3. You will get a notification on your phone from the organisation. Tap to open:
    4. The COVID-19 Employing Organisation credential form will open, displaying all the information your employing organisation has issued to you. Tap Send:

      You have now shared your Covid-19 Digital Staff Passport Credential with the host organisation.

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