Receiving Staff through COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport

I am a Host Organisation receiving staff

This guide details the high-level processes and steps to receive a member of staff from another NHS organisation and verify a COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport employment credential. For more detailed guidance and troubleshooting, please refer to the Receiving Staff COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport Standard Operating Procedure.

Employees who are eligible and have agreed to be passported to other hospitals and areas will have installed the Connect.Me app and have received a Digital Staff Passport employment credential from their Employing Organisation.

  1. Logging on

    If your HR Director has nominated you as a user of the COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport system, a link will have been sent to you via email. When clicking on your Organisation’s COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport Portal, it will take you to an email login screen.

    1. NHS Mail users will login via their NHS Mail email address and password:

      If you do not have an NHS Mail email address, you will add your email address as the username, and a password that will have been sent to you via email:
    2. The first time you log on you will need to provide a phone number to secure your account. You can either secure your account via text message (Send Code) for mobile phones or a phone call (Call Me) for landlines or mobile phones.

      Where you use the text option, you will be asked to provide a code which will be sent to the number you provided when you first logged in.

    3. Enter the verification code field as shown below and click Enter:
    4. On the COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport homepage click Verify a Credential to continue:
  2. Verifying a COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport credential

    1. Click Generate to view an employee's COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport Employing Organisation credential:
    2. Ask the employee to Scan the QR code to make a secure connection with your organisation and request proof of the credential information:
    3. Ask the employee to Open the notification on their phone.
    4. They will receive a notification to connect with the organisation. Ask them to Connect with the organisation, and to enter their biometrics or passcode.
    5. Once they have accepted the connection, if they are happy to share the credential information then they can click Send.
    6. Once they send the verified information in the credentials this will be available to access in a newly created contact card:

      It is possible to view a staff member's attributes again however you will need to follow the steps above to make a new connection to view their attributes.