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NHS Digital Staff Passport guidance is moving. This site is no longer being updated and will be closed on 30 June 2024.

For the latest news and guidance, please go to digital.nhs.uk/services/digital-staff-passport

NHS trusts

The NHS Digital Staff Passport (NHS DSP) enables NHS employees to digitally transfer their employment, education and training, and occupational health information between NHS trusts, to support efficient workforce movement.

Why should an NHS trust use the service?

  • Streamline onboarding process
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Reduce duplication of checks and training
  • Save verification time
  • Secure digital service
  • Enhanced data quality
  • Transparency of data held about NHS employees
  • NHS employee contributes to data updating
  • Supports patient care
  • Frees up time to focus on key workstreams

Which NHS employees can use the service?

Two NHS staff groups are invited to register at this time:

  • Temporary Movers
  • Postgraduate Doctors in Training

Read more about the two staff groups (on the NHS DSP service page).

What type of information can be shared?

The service supports NHS employees to securely share essential employment information, including employment checks, core skills and occupational health, using a digital passport.

Read more about the credentials available in the NHS DSP (on the NHS service page).

Read more about digital passports.

How do NHS trusts register?

  1. Check the NHS trust is already registered with the NHS DSP service
  2. If not, follow the system approach to implementation