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NHS Digital Staff Passport guidance is moving. This site is no longer being updated and will be closed on 30 June 2024.

For the latest news and guidance, please go to digital.nhs.uk/services/digital-staff-passport


  • Wave 1 launch success to 4 NHS trusts

    22 December 2023

    Early this month (December 2023), the first NHS trusts successfully registered with the new NHS DSP

  • NHS DSP website launch

    12 October 2023

    The COVID-19 DSP site has been rebranded and updated with the latest NHS DSP development information.

  • First interface test at NHS trust

    25 August 2023

    Sheffield Teaching Hospitals were the first NHS trust to test the connection to the Employee Staff Record

  • Soft launch successful

    18 August 2023

    The Recruitment team at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have successfully completed the first NHS trust registration to the NHS DSP service.

  • Hands-on product testing by NHS trust teams

    03 July 2023

    In June 2023, four NHS trusts joined the NHS DSP team in Birmingham, for hands-on testing of the product.